African Village Centre Restaurant

Ethiopian cuisine, like the land it originates from, is rustic, wholesome and plentiful. A land of high plateaus and low-lying plains, Ethiopia is often described as the land of bread and honey. Traditionally, Ethiopian families live a life of subsistence, tilling their own land, tending to their own animals, and producing their own milk, honey and grains. Meals are always shared from the same plate, symbolizing bonds of family, friendship and generosity.

At the African Village Center, we strive to embody this same traditional Ethiopian spirit. Our food is made to share between family and friends. Amongst many dishes, is the traditional ‘Injera’, an unleavened spongy bread, which is placed below an assortment of meat and vegetable stews. The stews are left to soak through and then the Injera is easily pulled apart, to scoop up mouthfuls of earthly and richly flavored food.

In a warm and inviting setting, let yourself be immersed in traditional Ethiopian culture.